President's Message

It is my distinct pleasure and great honor to mention that Bankers Club of Bangladesh Ltd. as the only registered association of personnel practices banking in Bangladesh is always proactive for betterment of the Country’s Banking Industry. The idea to facilitate the meeting of bankers of the country in an atmosphere of fellowship and friendship, to provide a venue for an exchange of views and information, to encourage joint activities that would enhance the role of its members in servicing the financial needs of their respective banks and in promoting economic development of the country as well as arrangements of some recreation for bankers preoccupied with his daily activities and monotonous boring life lead bankers from all banks to form an Association namely “Bankers Club of Bangladesh Ltd.” (BCBL) in 2018. 


Initially there were only 22 members of BCBL. By the grace of Almighty, the number of Members of BCBL have increased to around 900 at the end of 2019 from 64 different Commercial Banks & the Central Bank. Bankers Club of Bangladesh Ltd. (BCBL) is now an active organization in the Banking arena of Bangladesh. Besides contribution to the Banking industry of the County, BCBL highly concentrate on knowledge sharing, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and and recreational programs for bankers. In order to enhance efficiency, professionalism and capacity building BCBL has taken steps to develop a research and training centre to minimize the knowledge gap among the different level of officials.


I would like to appreciate the contributions made by honorable members as well as our Executive Committee. I am confident that through our sincere and collective endeavors, BCBL will be in a position to make a greater impact on the improvement of the Banking sector and to face the challenge of the 21st Century.